ECE Lowline Fieldmaster 1200 Muck Spreader Hire

These versatile 12 ton muck spreaders can be used with virtually any type of material, have excellent reliability and low running costs.


  • The ECE Lowline Fieldmaster 1200 rear discharge farm spreader uses twin vertical augers fed by 2 heavy duty bed chains and slats.
  • A positive drawbar weight is maintained at all times whatever the material being discharged from the muck spreader.
  • The large single wheels ensure easy towing with minimum soil compaction.
  • A constant and extremely even spread pattern is ensured from the moment the spreading mechanism is engaged to the completion of spreading.
  • A finished spread of up to 8 metres is achieved with tapering off, enabling a double overlap wide spread option.
  • A modified paddle arrangement & guillotine door enables the muck spreader to be used for slurry.

Hire charges: £100 per day
To check availability call us on 0115 965 4277

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