Kubota KX016- 4 Mini Digger Hire

The KX016-4 features a clean efficient, reliable Kubota engine, with a digital display panel, protected bucket cylinder and auxiliary hydraulic hoses as well as a boom cylinder, above the boom, it is light enough to be towed from job to job.Kubota-KX016_4 (1)Two working lights are mounted on the cabin and the variable width undercarriage, ranging form 990mm to 1300mm, allows it to work in the smallest of domestic environs to open construction areas.

Its powerful 13 horsepower engine emits little noise and vibration and meets the latest emission regulations.

Kubota’s hydraulic system ensures straight-line travel even during simultaneous operation of the front boom, bucket and arm. And it comes with an auto shift system so you can shift from low to high for smoother operation when turning or dozing.

Operator comfort and therefore productivity is assured with the KX016-4 riding on rubber tracks. It also features a flat floor, suspension seat, wrist rest, cup holder, a certified ROPS & FOPS canopy for added safety and weather protection and a comprehensive digital instrument panel.


Kubota Engine: HP 13.7 3 cylinder Kubota diesel engine
Dependable: The D782-13HP is engineered for maximum digging and lifting performance, also minimising noise and vibration.
Efficient Operation: The KX016-4 with Kubota unique H.M.S (Hydraulic Matching System) – ensures fast and powerful digging performance
Easily Maintained: Dual element air cleaner, water separator, fuel filter, alternator, starter motor & engine oil filter.
Travel speed switch: The Two-speed switch is now on top of the blade control lever
Variable width undercarriage: With a variable width undercarriage you can have access to confined work areas and superb stability while trenching
Two Pattern Selection System: T.P.S.S allows the operator to work between ISO or SAE pattern
Auxiliary Circuit: 27.7 Litres of flow to power attachments
4 Post steel canopy: Certified ROPS FOPS Canopy

The KX016-4 has a digging height of 3360mm, dumping height of 2290mm and digging depth of 2250mm. Its digging radius is up to 3790mm and its tail turning radius is just 1070mm.

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