Post Hole Borer Hire

efco-tr-1551-2.1hp-one-man-earth-auger-powerhead-304-pEfco TR1551

•    Power 2.1hp
•    Displacement 50.2 cm³
•    Reduction ratio 40 : 1
•    Weight without bit 9.1 Kg
•    Bit diameter 8-10-15-20 cm

The Efco TR1551 one man earth auger mounts an Emak 2-stroke engine with chrome cylinder and forged steel drive shaft and connecting rod.

Ideal for quickly sinking all types of fence post holes in the most hostile ground conditions and terrain, used by landscape gardeners for trees, plants and decking posts

It is fitted with ergonomically designed foldable handles for optimum comfort and easy transportation

The engine controls are conveniently grouped together on just one hand making this the ideal solution for one man operations.

A lever can be used to shift from forward drive through idle to reverse in swift succession, allowing removal of the bit from the soil with minimal effort

An automatic safety cut out stops the engine should the operators lose control of the machine.

A diaphragm carburettor allows the machine to operate in any position without leakage of fuel.

A quick fit pinned spigot socket coupler for swift attachment and replacement of bits

Hire charges: £25 per day, £80 per week
To check availability call us on 0115 965 4277

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